Chairman's Message

Chair Heather Iwalani Payne, R.N.

Aloha, and welcome to Orchard Hospital!  I am Heather Iwalani Payne, R.N.  It’s my privilege to currently serve as chairman of the Orchard Hospital Foundation.  I look forward to our foundation members working with you and our community to continue a seventy year tradition of supporting, growing and advancing healthcare and its services to local families and citizens.  The mission statement of our Orchard Hospital Foundation is:

"To support and promote Orchard Hospital as an

integral component of our rural community's 

health care system”

As a foundation, our group consists of your fellow family, friends and community members who want to see the future of medical care at Orchard Hospital continue its tradition of growth with advanced science, medical and clinical care, technology, improved services and delivery of patient care, and to support all your health needs.  One of our primary goals right now is funding for a new Orchard Hospital. Our community ancestors before us came together when they first built our hospital.  It was a small group of local families and farmers who gave of their own finances to develop a non-profit hospital for the citizens of the area. This laid a foundation and culture for us; we are a community who gives and works together to accomplish essential goals such as having health care services for our families, just as they did in 1949! We can do this together - again!

HOW will we do it?  We will do it by making every donation count and saving our money!  We, the foundation, have saved significant money for the new hospital and now feel our success will be to work with you, our community. First we will share information, and talk with you.  We will be in the community; at town hall meetings, at meetings with local service organizations, with congregations and meeting with you individually to talk about the future hospital plans, answer questions and to visit with you face to face so we can work shoulder to shoulder! We want you to know and understand what we are working to do and recognize the great project we have before us to build our resources.

To have continued health care services in a hospital are essential! I was born in this hospital, many of you were too! My mother came from Hawaii, was educated in California and worked in the community for many years. I have followed her footsteps as a nurse in the community. Our Hawaiian culture taught us to believe in "Kokua” – or helping one another as a family; and we see this here in our area too! I have the benefit of working side by side with many of you and have learned we live in a great community!  I have also worked in this hospital, and I have been treated in this hospital.  My children have been saved by our community first responders and health care providers.  My parents, your families and other friends have received critical and emergent care at Orchard Hospital; we need to ensure we will always have critical access care for the medical and health needs of all citizens now and in the future.  To have continued health care services is essential for our community of families, schools, businesses, farmers and other industries around us. 

Our diligent efforts will ensure the future of Orchard Hospitalto continue to provide critical, emergent and life threatening health care intervention as well as clinical, palliative, therapeutic and diagnostic services to promote ongoing health.  We must each recognize the significance of our efforts NOW to band together to build a new hospital for our FUTURE.  We welcome your efforts, ideas, time and financial help.  Please reach out and talk to us.  We need your contributions and "kokua”!  The rope is only as strong as each strand! Thank you for your past support, your current patronage, and we look forward your future help as we all work to build a new hospital together! 

Aloha nui loa! 

Heather Iwalani Payne                                                                                                                                

Orchard Hospital is a SAFE SURRENDER SITE: By state law, an infant up to 72 hours old may be left with a health care profession at Orchard Hospital, legally and anonymously.