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New Hospital

When asked to support our hospital more after local control came back in 2009, the community did just that. Now, six years later, support has been so strong that the Orchard Hospital Board and administration have changed the direction of the future.
What was announced as a new ER project by the Hospital's Foundation three years ago is now going to be much bigger and better. It became evident that it made more sense to spend the money on a new hospital rather than just an Emergency Department. The hospital purchased the five acres behind the hospital on Ford Avenue for this purpose several years ago, and it was announced last week that a new hospital would be built on this property rather than build a new ER in the present location that is under 2030 earthquake standards and would have to be rebuilt at that time.

"Various financial models were presented to the Board, but in the end, the most apparent choice always went back to building a new hospital. Our community and patients deserve the very best we have to offer, and our staff deserves technology that is state-of-the-art in every department, not just the Emergency Department,” Orchard Hospital CEO Steve Stark stated.

Because people are using the hospital more, the profit margin is higher and making it possible to plan a new hospital. While additional financial help is always encouraged by the hospital's foundation and never turned down, the hospital board and employees appreciate the support that is making this new hospital a future reality.

"Over the last few months, the need to build a new hospital has become more and more evident. As we continue to see an increased amount of acute patients, the board decided building a new hospital will allow features only found in larger, city hospitals, such as private rooms and individual bathrooms and showers. We will also design the new hospital to become more efficient to help lower the rising costs of healthcare,” Stark said.

The Foundation will continue with the fundraising aspect for the new ER, with events such as the Orchard Hospital Community Golf Tournament and the Clay Shoot. The only difference is, it will be located in a new state-of-the-art hospital in a few years.

Orchard Hospital has seen an influx of patients admitted along with other services utilized such as Radiology and Lab.

"My personal dream for the hospital is to have people say to their physician, ‘If I need to be in a hospital, can it be that nice little hospital in Gridley?’ I think we’re on our way to achieving that dream,” Hospital Board Chair John Harris stated.


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