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Chairman of the Board’s Message

Orchard Hospital Chairman John T Harris
Chairman John T. Harris

Seventy years ago, as our hospital opened its doors for the first time, we were using manual typewriters!

Twitter was something little birds did, and we might have imagined "texting” to have something to do with doing our homework. We "rang” the operator to place our calls -- now we "process” our words on computers and communicate with one another through "handheld devices.”

Like communication, medicine has made huge strides.

In 1949 we hoped the doctor could get a good enough image from an X-Ray. Today we have a state of the art CT-Scan with three dimensional and fluoroscopic capabilities. Our modern radiology equipment allows the digital image to be sent to the office computer of our local physicians as well as to the computer in the hospital patient rooms, nurses stations, and clinic examination rooms. A mobile MRI makes weekly visits to the specialty clinic. New technology allows us to monitor patients from multiple nursing stations to improve patient care and hospital efficiency. Laboratory equipment sends reports directly to the attending physician. The recently-added electronic medical records system will provide instant access to your medical records by your physician and additional safeguards about treatment and medications. Other new technology is being added on a regular basis.

Your parents and grandparents could not have imagined such marvelous things when they built your hospital, but what they did imagine was even more marvelous.

They imagined a locally-owned, patient-oriented, convenient, accessible hospital right here in Gridley. They not only imagined it, they built it! In the last three years, we’ve remodeled and expanded our out-patient clinic and remodeled our lobby and admissions area.

Modern medicine is truly a marvelous thing, and the hospital a great asset, but it is the people of these communities who are the most wonderful.

Thank you for your support. At Orchard Hospital, we are all looking forward to the next seventy years!

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