Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Growing Healthy Communities!

Our Vision

Orchard Hospital will be a Health Center of Excellence, nationally recognized for providing quality, compassionate and personalized care that improves the health and well-being of our patients and their communities. 

Our Values

At Orchard Hospital, our governance and decision making will always be based upon integrity, respect, innovative processes, ethical foundations and continual self improvement.

Integrity – Honesty, fairness and self-scrutiny in everything we do, as the ideal means to protect overall safety, as well as assure confidentiality and privacy.

Respect - Treat everyone in our diverse community, including patients, their families and colleagues, with dignity.

Innovative Processes – Infuse and energize the organization, enhancing the lives of those we serve, through the creative ideas and unique talents of each employee.

Ethical Foundations – Carry out our responsibilities with honesty, integrity and openness. We strive to promote a working environment that values respect, fairness and ethical conduct.

Continual Self-Improvement – Individually striving for personal development, growth, progress, advancement, and improvement.

Orchard Hospital is a SAFE SURRENDER SITE: By state law, an infant up to 72 hours old may be left with a health care profession at Orchard Hospital, legally and anonymously.